Collisions of Awesomeness

Collisions of Awesomeness

Life is too short, work should be fun. Let me show you how!

About Me

My name is Jill B. It’s really Jill Brown, but Jill B. better suits me. You’ll see.

I believe life is too short, work should be fun, and food on a stick is best enjoyed with friends.

I specialize in presentations focused on the power of networking and gratitude that are equal parts learning and laughter.

I’m a Nebraska farm kid, who calls Missouri home with my husband and daughter.

My career has been in higher education, with an emphasis in student development, agriculture and employer partnerships.

I’m excited to learn and laugh with you, whether that be virtual or in-person!

Collisions of Awesomeness?

Making friends was easier when we were kids. You could literally just bump into someone and ask them if they want to play. Too bad this doesn’t work as we grow up. Or, does it? No, I’m not suggesting you walk around literally bumping into others, but are there opportunities for collisions of awesomeness in your life? I think so and I consider myself a bit of Collision Specialist after years of “fiery crashes”. Through a little bit of learning, and a whole lot of laughter, we will discover ways to create collisions of awesomeness on your road of life.


Can’t be Stressed and Blessed

It turns out that everything Mom said was true, thank you notes truly are important. Saying thank you is a great way to build a current relationship and maybe even create a new one. Let’s create opportunities to have an attitude of gratitude.

Joy! Are you there?

Anyone feeling too joyful these days? If one more good thing happens, do you feel like your cup might literally flow over? No? Hmm. Learn tips for finding joy in the most unlikely of places, all hours of the day.

86,400 Chances

Each day we have 86,400 seconds to make an impact, maximize our day, and work in a little fun too! Experience tips and tricks for seizing the day, being innovative and thinking differently

Hello! My Name is . . .

Every day we cross paths with others. Learn how to maximize those connections and set yourself up for success after graduation. Personal branding and social media strategies will also be addressed.

Six Seconds

Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume. Six seconds? That means you’ve spent more time reading this description, than they’ve spent deciding if you’re a good candidate! Learn tips and tricks to making your application stand out.

Snappy Business Casual – huh?

Business, formal, casual, business casual, snappy casual, beach . . . why are there so many categories for what to wear and what do they even mean? What to wear, when, how to afford to look the part, and suited for all audiences.

Cheers! Winning the Social Hour

Booze, business cards, bruschetta, bosses; what could possibly go wrong? Learn how to make a lasting first impression during social hour gatherings. Hands will be shook, introductions will be perfected.

Why are there so many Forks?

Just the mention of the words “dining etiquette” can often make people squirm, but did you know it can be fun? Really! Through a Las Vegas approach of, every question asked here, stays here, all dining questions will be answered and tips will be served.

Making Five Generations Work. Literally.

For the first time we have five generations working, together. What an exciting, challenging and interesting time for both the employees and the supervisors. Let’s dive into details about Generation Z and share tips for merging all five generations into one workspace.

Participant Feedback

Attitude, appreciation & gratitude are choices. Thank you for choosing to share them with us this morning. Being encouraged is a great way to start the week.

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

You could have made the easy choice to stand onstage and lecture to us on ways to look and act professionally. Instead, the personality you showed throughout your presentation made it highly enjoyable.

Student Attendee, Agriculture Futures of America Conference

I had several people come up to me and say that they loved you! I think it is safe to say the message is a great one and people enjoyed it. Thank You!

Board Member, Falls City EDGE Banquet

In closing . . .

I love interacting with groups of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Customizing presentations to each group is extremely important to me, so reach out below and tell me more about what you are seeking . I look forward to working with you!

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“A sign you have a positive workplace culture is laughter. Just listen to how much laughter there is where you work. Laughter is a very good sign of positivity. You can work hard and still laugh and enjoy your workday more.” – Sam Glenn

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